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Laser aerosol counter

The developed device allows real-time measurement of pollution of air with the output of information about mass concentration of aerosol (in units of mg / m3) as well as numerical (by fractions)

  • Author: Research Institute of Physics of Odessa National University named after I.I. Mechnikov
  • Markets: B2B, B2G, B2C
  • Stage: there are a tested prototype, patent and scientific and resource bases; the project is ready for scaling
Frenel Solar Energy Hub

Solar concentrator based on Frenel mirrors, can be used as a block of solar energy stations (SES), for for getting electricity and heating various objects (water for example), for other purposes in technological processes of various types of production.

  • Markets: B2B, B2G, B2C
  • Stage: the hub has passed state tests and works as a unit at the Ashgabat SES with a capacity of 10 kW
Biotechnology for соmprehensive processing of culm dump

The development is aimed at obtaining rare and precious metals from unconventional technogenic raw materials - wastes from power engineering and metallurgy factories

  • Author: ONU Mechnikov
  • Markets: B2B, B2G
  • Stage: the developed biotechnological method has been tested and its efficiency and ecological safety were proved in conditions of the operating enterprise on rock dumps of coal enrichment
The catalyst of air purification from carbon monoxide (CO)

The catalyst is designed for air purification from carbon monoxide (CO) to the maximum permissible concentration (MAC = 20 mg / m3) at initial CO concentrations not higher than 15 COD, ambient temperature (1530 ° С) and air humidity 40-90

  • Stage: a pilot batch of catalyst has been manufactured, which has undergone long-term laboratory and production tests and is used for the equipment of gas-dust-proof half masks "Platan". Protected by Ukrainian patent.
New Fertilizer for winter wheat

The development is intended to increase the resistance to adverse conditions, yield and viability of winter wheat.

  • Author: ONU Mechnikov
  • Markets: B2B, B2G, B2C
  • Stage: Pilot project finished succesfully
Controlled off-road robot

A small controllable bot that can move on uneven surfaces.

  • Author: Students of ONU Mechnikov university
  • Markets: B2B, B2G
  • Stage: Already tested model
  • Investments: 10 000 EUR
Air Ionizer

A device for stepwise ionization of oxygen molecules in air.

  • Author: ONU Mechnikov university
  • Markets: B2G, B2B, B2C
  • Stage: There is a pilot project