Frenel Solar Energy Hub

Markets : B2B, B2G, B2C.

Stage : the hub has passed state tests and works as a unit at the Ashgabat SES with a capacity of 10 kW.

Frenel Solar Energy Hub

Frenel Solar Energy Hub

Solar concentrator based on Frenel mirrors, can be used as a block of solar energy stations (SES), for for getting electricity and heating various objects (water for example), for other purposes in technological processes of various types of production.


A solar energy concentrator based on Fresnel mirrors is a monolithic structure that meets the requirements of low material consumption and cost, provides mechanical strength and preserves its geometric and optical parameters for the entire lifetime. Provides maximum reception of solar radiation for a given geographic latitude. The angle of height of the Sun overlaps to 50 degree, which ensures a sufficiently long period of active work of the station at any time of the year.
  • Reflection rate of mirrors 87%
  • Concentration ration 20-30
  • Overall dimensions of the hub unit 1.5x2x0.07 g.
  • Overall dimensions of reflecting elements (facet) 150x5x0.2 cm
  1. Development ONU I.I. Mechnikov university
  2. Created and tested prototype
  3. It is applied on SES
  4. Attracting partners for further implementation
  5. Investment attraction
  6. Improvements and scaling
  7. Patenting in the EU
The manufacturing method and the technical and economic characteristics of a solar energy concentrator based on Fresnel mirrors make it competitive in the global market for similar products.
The development can be implemented at the enterprises of the energy sector and the private sector, and in the field of environmental protection. It is applied on SES, industrial and household.
  • Commercial agreement with technical assistance. Company will give technical part and partner will implant it to the market. For example by selling separately or in complex with partner products.
  • License agreement. Selling the sublicense to the partner, which will use company innovation by agreement and pay royalty.
  • Technical cooperation agreement. Developing and implanting product together.

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