Biotechnology for соmprehensive processing of culm dump

Author : ONU Mechnikov.

Markets : B2B, B2G.

Stage : the developed biotechnological method has been tested and its efficiency and ecological safety were proved in conditions of the operating enterprise on rock dumps of coal enrichment.

Biotechnology for соmprehensive processing of culm dump

Biotechnology for соmprehensive processing of culm dump

The development is aimed at obtaining rare and precious metals from unconventional technogenic raw materials - wastes from power engineering and metallurgy factories


The development has no analogues in Ukraine. It is based on the ability of chemolithotrophic microorganisms (including technogenic raw materials own microbiota) to oxidize sulfur and sulfur compounds. The received products of metabolism promote destruction of stable crystal structures. As a result, metals, fixed earlier, pass into solution. The developed specific bacterial preparation and the proven optimal technological conditions allow to receive: - a valuable concentrate with germanium content of 5-7 %, which is a commodity product, and - neutralized wastes with the content of heavy metals which is lower than the maximum permissible concentration (MРC) in which the ratio of silicon, aluminum and calcium oxides corresponds to silicate construction material structure. Technology
  1. Coal dumps are loaded into the tank   
  2. Coal is poured over
  3. Microorganisms begin to grow rapidly
  4. Microorganisms absorb sulfur (which is harmful)
  1. Developments of ONU I.I. Mechnikov
  2. Methodical and technological recommendations for the implementation of the developed biotechnology were prepared.
  3. The tests of the developed biotechnological method were carried out in order to establish its effectiveness and environmental safety under the conditions of the operating enterprise on waste dumps of coal preparation
  4. Attracting partners for further implementation
  5. Investment attraction
  6. Improvements and scaling
  7. Patenting in the EU
The development does not demand the expensive equipment and scarce reagents, is characterized by low energy consumption and labor costs, is highly profitable, has short payback period and high ecological safety.
Potential consumers of the development are the following: enterprises, primarily coal companies interested in the production of strategically important products, increasing the level of integrated use of raw materials, and reducing the burden on the environment.

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