New Fertilizer for winter wheat

Author : ONU Mechnikov.

Markets : B2B, B2G, B2C.

Stage : Pilot project finished succesfully.

New Fertilizer for winter wheat

New Fertilizer for winter wheat

The development is intended to increase the resistance to adverse conditions, yield and viability of winter wheat.


Liquid complex fertilizer Polymicrosteam contains phosphorus and potassium and a full spectrum of trace elements in the form of complex combinations in chelate form B, Zn, Cu, Al, Mo, Mn, Fe, Co, J, which is necessary for plants maturity. Spectrum of effects: increasing the germination and seed germination energy; stimulating growth and accelerating the maturity of plants; increasing the yield of winter wheat by 10-35% and more depending on the norm of nitrogen fertilizers; improving the quality of the grain; increasing the resistance of plants to negative environmental conditions (drought, hard soil and environmental conditions); raising the efficiency of mineral fertilizers, especially nitrogen.
  1. Science work of ONU I.I. Mechnikov
  2. Got a new fertilizer for winter wheat
  3. Attracting partners for further implementation
  4. Improvements and scaling
  5. Patenting in the EU
By the combination of essential signs of the application of Polymicrosteam in the technology of winter wheat cultivation, it has several advantages over analogues, in particular, it balances the nutritional regime of wheat crops in different maturity stages, which in turn increases the resistance of plants to diseases and ensures obtaining a high-quality crop, and it does not lead to pollution of the environment.
The development can be used by agricultural companies in the cultivation of winter wheat.

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