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Check the air

The idea of creating a network of air quality control sensors in the city of Odessa. Mom will know where to walk with the child, dad - where to buy an apartment, asthmatic - where it is better not to go today. A network of these sensors will make your life more comfortable.


Space for ideas. The physical embodiment of innovationfund. The idea of ??this small room is to provide its visitors with a comfortable space for generating ideas and all the opportunities for their development and implementation. It’s hard to think big when you just have nowhere to sit, blowing out of the window and no outlet. We take care of all these issues, and as soon as the idea appears, we will do our best to implement it, if it is really cool. What resources do we have and how can we help?

  • Place for study, work, meetings, lectures and presentations
  • Help with packaging an idea and presenting it
  • Access to research institutes and mentoring from prominent scientists
  • Expert opinion of the business, potential partners, clients, investors
  • Project Management

Mechnikov sailing team

The project of the university sailing team to become the leading universities in the world.


According to the law "On approval of materials of the List of paid services that may be provided educational institutions, other educational institutions and institutions belonging to state and communal ownership "of August 27, 2010, higher education the institution may lease real estate for up to 5 years. (The cost of the lease is estimated by the State Property Fund). We invite companies to rent roofs for installation there solar power plant. The University is ready to assist in the implementation of such a project. Solar station at university roofs is:

  • 1358,000 kVt per year
  • over 11 000 square meters
  • payback in less than 4 years
  • less thn 1 M EUR of invests